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Fin keel & rudder design. Ballast keel for sailing yacht
Ballast fin kell with bulb for sailing yacht
fin keel Every sailing boat needs a ballast keel to provide her stability. But often the builder don't pay much attention to it on the early stage of yacht building process. And when it comes the time to lanch the boat he suddenly discovers that both keel design and its produsing aren't as simply tasks as he thought. We can help. We can design fin keel for your yacht.
Also we can develop rudder design for any type of sailing yachts.
On the picture you can see fin keel with bulb for 33ft yacht. It is steel welded keel, lead filled up. Its volume is 160 litres that gives 2 tonns of weight plus 300kg keel skin and structure itself. So, we have total weight 2300kg with centre of gravity as low as it possible because there is a bulb.
We also can produce such type ballast keel for you as you can see on pictures beneath.
Contact us if you need a keel for your sailing yacht
Working plans for ballast welded fin keel for 12-metre yacht
keel plans
fin keel with bulb drawings kell design
Fin keel producing
fin keel produsing fin keel fin keel for sailing yacht fin keel
  Bulb keel for 14metres yacht  
finn bulb keel
Keel for 3-tonn sailing yacht
fin keel with bulb
Falsekeel for 8.6m sailing yacht
Fin keel with bulb. shallow draft
shallow keel fin keel
балластный киль для яхты 4-7 метров
Fin keel with bulb for yacht 7- 9 metres (300-900кг)
киль для яхты 7-8 метров
Rudder design
keel and rudder designWe offer steering system's building plans for any type of rudders for any type of yachts

hanging rudders for centerboard and dinghy

Hanging rudder for centerboard and dinghy

руль подвеснойSpade rudder and steering system


Fin keel design. Ballast keel for sailing yacht. Keel fin with bulb. Keel design and producing mail to:

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